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Pi’s Travel Diary – Songs & Whispers Tour


Join the ride as California’s Pi Jacobs takes a journey through Europe on her Songs & Whispers Tour.

In her own words: A big part of what I loved about this tour, is that I’m working on a new record for Travianna Records, my new label. It’s a ton of work to write 12 new songs in a short period, but I was able to do2 that from January to March of 2016. Then, March and April were all about dialing in my solo show with the new songs.
This is a lot more labor-intensive than it used to be when I had a band. This time it’s all me: my voice, my guitar and my percussion box.


But back to the tour: Songs & Whispers, a music promotion and booking company based in Germany planned most of the itinerary, and they Do. Not. Mess. Around. I had 31 shows in 31 days!

So the first thing that happened after landing, was that my Amp for the percussion box blew a fuse! Luckily, Mackie has a service center in Belgium that fixed my amp and gave me a loaner for just 20 Euros – good folks!     
Service Center Echo 
The first show was a radio show in the Netherlands, with Bertwin Bjeleveld who runs an awesome show there called “Blues and Friends.”  It was my second time on his show, and it was once again a blast. I played an eight song set, and then had a lovely chat with Berwyn.
Then I took a little drive through the beautiful pulp fields of Holland to go visit my dear friend Christy and her family in Groningen and was treated to some fun “family time” with her kids, and some biking.

I then drove into Bremen, Germany where our “Artist’s Flat” is.


Check out the pad:

This is Frank Vranckyx (Don’t ask me to pronounce any Flemish!). He DJ’s a fun show on Radio Centraal in Antwerp called “De Muziekdoos.”8
You can hear the broadcast here (click to the middle of the show): It was good times, really chill, with people just hanging out in the studio. Unfortunately a few smokers.… and one was sitting next to me blowing smoke right at me as I was singing… nope, I’m not in the US anymore…

Then I went to the apartment of the wonderful Ingrid Veerman, who kindly lent me her place while she was on vacation… I felt right at home in her sweet musician pad.

That night, I went to play my first live show of the tour in a town called Mechlin which is between Brussels and Antwerp. This is an old photo of the place, and its still much the same… it used to be a stop for people in boats on the canals… so guess what? there is NO ROAD to it. you have to park about a half mile away and haul yourself (and your gear) down a dirt road! I was none too pleased about this, however when I showed up and people were already there waiting for me to play, and listening and applauding wholeheartedly during the show, I changed my tune.

I LOVE Zennegat 13 – a unique experience, and a throwback in time:

Then it was back to Germany, where I finally got to meet my roommates and sometimes Co-Bill, Josh Harty, and his partner/manager, Jessica Parvin. Not only is Josh a great musician and guy, but living with the two of them is so chill – they even cook! I keep imagining what  it would be like if I had to share a flat with 5 guys in their early 20’s… so yeah, I scored big time with Josh and Jes!

11You can hear Josh Harty here.

This is the Hafen Casino. It’s an old Truck Stop where Song and Whispers do shows, super fun summer evening with the Germans.



Recording with Alex Pojda in the Songs and Whispers Recording Studio.

Check out my new tune “Beautiful Morning”!




Biking around Bremen!

Playing in beautiful, ancient towns like Munster.


Dogs are allowed EVERYWHERE in Germany!

It’s so cool, but it makes me miss my puppy!



The Germans love Nature, and Music, and Music In Nature!

Listen to my show at Lokkitalien here:


Very Drunk Germans breaking into songs and Spanish?


Playing a show with a bunch of kids at the local School – They sang backup for me! It was really cool – lots of immigrant families from Turkey, Syria, Poland, North Africa and beyond. Music is the universal language!



Random Wonderfulness: Cool Boots for just 9 Euro. 


Yes, a club called the Big Buttinsky (Great Spot in Duisburg with amazing Sound!)
Advertisement for my show, calling it “Melancholy and Excess.”

(Yup, sounds right)



German Graffiti


Currywurst and Fries with Mayonnaise (Def, NOT diet food)



Great Local and Slow-Food Restaurant on the North Sea.


An embarrassingly large big-screen ad for my show @ Tillman Hahn’s Gasthauz.


Blue Blues and Green Greens


Random Beauty: The North Sea 



Frauenstrasse 24 in Munster- Great Venue          

Culture and Art Space started by squatters after WW 2.



Being on the Radio… A LOT!

Thanks to:
RTV Radio Baarn
(Blues and Friends)

Radio Centraal Belgium
Radio TV Weser
Radio TIDE in Hamburg Oldenburg Eins


Making New Friends at Litfas Oldenburg. (Great Venue with awesome food!)


Super excited to play in HAMBURG at KNUST

(Me and Leon Bridges baby!) 




My favorite show with my friend Christy in Zwolle NL, for the Zwolle Unlimited Festival! Our stage? Or a spaceship? 


The Afterparty/Jam 48



The last Songs & Whispers Show in Bremen, Germany at Club Moments with an EPIC Discoball.


Street Art in Bremen, DE.51

Getting my hair done in style with cookies and cappucino.52


Meeting great folks like Christoph.

He lets bands stay at his house, and write on his ceiling.  



Now I’m off on a holiday. Whew! Thanks Europe and Songs & Whipsers for an amazing adventure! xoxoxo Pi